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90 Day Weight Loss Transformation Program - Without Group Support

90 Day Weight Loss Transformation Program - Without Group Support

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This program will help you change your life and the way you think about eating.

The 90 Day program has 4 Pillars to help you succeed

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition
  3. Fitness
  4. Support

You can do the program alone or you can follow along in one of our groups.  THIS LINK IS WITHOUT WEEKLY GROUP SUPPORT

Please see price list for groups vs on your own.

Month One:

The first month is about getting the inflammation out of your body.  We do this with a combination of juicing and using real food. We will teach you strategic intermittent fasting that combines the power of specific juice recipes, juice fasting days and fitness to help you achieve great results. We will have simple meals to help you with the transformation process using everyday food. 

Every week there is a menu plan as well as easy recipes so you can get the results you have always wanted.

Month Two:

This month is about healing your body using juicing and real whole foods.

Now that the inflammation is lower or out of the body the healing process needs to start. We do this using juice cycling days.  You will feel and see the results of your body healing almost immediately. 

Month Three:

Inflammation is now gone and healing the body has started. Now it’s time to see which macronutrient works best for you and your body.

Would it be the meal plan containing:

  1. High Fat?
  2. High Protein? or
  3. High Carbs?

Once we know which one works best for you – you will be able to live that life style and know that it’s a healthy one that heals your body and helps you perform at its best.

What included?

  1. Workbooks
  2. Weekly Menus
  3. Recipe Book
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